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How to use ngIf else in Angular. In this tutorial, we are going to take a look at the ngIf directive. We will discover how we can use it to show or hide parts of our angular application. Also, we will find out how the ngIf directive differs from using the "hidden" attribute. Finally there is an else condition for NgIf! Learn how to do it the right way! Now, in Angular 4, Ngif is slightly changed into if and else condition with added advantages. Here, I will explain how to use the Ngif Condition with then and else in Angular 4. In order to work with this new Ngif, you have to update your latest Angular CLI by the following command. Angolare 4 ngSe altro se? Come dovrei avere più casi in una dichiarazione ngIf? Sono abituato a Vue o Angular 1 ad avere if, else se e altro, ma sembra che Angular 4 abbia solo una condizione vera se e falsa altro.

Suggerimento: ngIf valuta expression e quindi esegue il rendering di then o else modello al suo posto quando l'espressione è rispettivamente verità o falsità. In genere: then template è il modello inline di ngIf a meno che non sia associato a un valore diverso. route - routing event angular 2. Come avvolgere condizionatamente un div intorno al contenuto di ng 2. 20/11/2016 · The ngIf is attached to a DOM element p element in the above example. ngIf is a structural directive, which means that you can add it to any element like div, p, h1, component selector, etc. Like all structural directive, it is prefixed with asterisk It is then bound to an expression condition.

If.Then.Else. The ngIf directive gets a nice improvement in Angular version 4.0.0. It’s been the target of many critiques even in AngularJS v1.x because of the lack of an “else” clause. In order to simulate if-then-else blocks in Angular templates, we had to use two ngIf. Angular 4 features an extremely handy new feature in the template that allows you to specify If Else conditionals, let's give it a go. We can directly use ngIf with template directive or